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Brian Mouhlas Trace Boat Bayou Lake Ocean Swamp Oil Painting Cuyahoga County Parma Strongsville Ohio Cleveland Art Contemporary Art Contemporary Painting HEDGE Art Gallery 2016
Oil on canvas
30.25 x 30 in.
September 23, 2016

A red boat floats on a noxious body of water, forever frozen in a state of perpetual search. A drifter of the high seas. The appearance of a solitary figure, floating on this boat with their back turned away from the viewer, can at first have a calming effect. Yet, the noxious yellow-green color surrounding the figure’s boat can leave a viewer on edge. As if the boat is floating in a toxically plagued, radioactive swampland. The paint is applied with copious layers, creating vast textures and rippling facets in the surrounding waters. A formless stream of pink light is apparent and trails down the right side of the painting. On the bottom right, a yellow light illuminates from underneath the surface and is just about to make its way to the surface. An apparition from unknown waters.