Brian Mouhlas Cuyahoga County Oil Paintings M.K. Mind Kontrol 2018 BMohlz Studio Cleveland Ohio

My work is tactile, physically visceral and utilizes the fluxing relationships between abstraction and representation.

The layering, abstracting and concealing applications of paint and its inherent qualities, create a merging of accident and control, of depiction and a breakdown of depiction. The murky use of neutralized color and variations primarily in tone, express moods ranging from haunting to wearied and fatigued. Photo references I accrue come from a world mediated and at all times available to the contemporary individual. Gestural brushwork of thick mounds of pigment create pulsating undercurrents that fragment the documentative nature of references and mirror a disquieting and anxiety laden mood.

My paintings are highly evolved (or involved) in the emotive, psychological effect that a visual experience can produce in a viewer.

I am currently a Cleveland based artist represented by HEDGE Art Gallery

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